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Ultra Light Rail Group: October 2018ULRP has been set up in order to take advantage of the success of the Stourbridge service by building a worldwide ULR industry that will provide a solution to the lethal particulate pollution (known as the Oslo Effect) created by buses running on rubber tyres on tarmac. Very Light Rail
Catapult University of Coventry “Very light rail will be quicker and cheaper to build and run than any of the tram systems currently operating in the UK. The track will be easier and quicker to lay and in the future, the system will be able to operate without drivers. This means it will be able to be really frequent – a real hop on, hop off service, which will help to take cars off our roads – important when traffic is growing rapidly and economic success relies on keeping people moving."Very Light Rail
Preston:Trampower Tram Plans reworked April 2016REWORKED PLANS IN TO BRING TRAMS TO PRESTONVery Light Rail
Return Of Double Deck Tramcars? January 2016The new vehicle will make best use of street space and improve the productivity of public transport vehicle crews.Very Light Rail
VLR:TDI UK light rail vehicle unveiled. Jan 2016A new design of train – dubbed a ‘very light rail vehicle’ – has been unveiled by two Warwickshire businesses, who hope it will find applications in the UKVery Light Rail
WMG House of Commons Presentation 16th December 2015WMG -Trams from £5000kVery Light Rail
WMG: Very Light Rail Update Oct 2015The WMG centre High Value Manufacturing Catapult works at the forefront of emerging technologies and is renowned for innovation in the automotive sector. Its academic researchers and engineers specialise in Energy Storage & Management and Lightweight Technologies working on high impact projects such as all-aluminium car bodies for Jaguar Land Rover. They are now transferring this knowledge and expertise to rail and specifically ‘Very Light Rail’. The WMG centre sees Very Light Rail (VLR) as a key new manufacturing sector for the UK, with the potential for VLR vehicles to be used on disused branch lines, many of which have been closed since the early 1960s. To encourage this through further research they are collaborating with Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council to build a Very Light Rail Innovation Centre in the Black Country Very Light Rail
Ultra Light Double Decker; Sep 2015Recent technical advances have broken through important cost barriers and have made the urban tram mode affordable for smaller towns and districts Reconciling Conflicting Objectives Problems caused by traffic congestion are experienced by small and large urban centres and, increasingly, suburban districts. The presence of too many private cars competing for road space, circulating while searching for a place to park and intruding into what would otherwise be attractive public spaces causes planners to try to achieve conflicting objectives. How to ease access to central zones, preserving their appeal and not sacrificing valuable space for the free movement and accommodation of private cars has been achieved largely by means of effective but expensive investment in transportation systems or vast car parks. Very Light Rail
WMG Very Light Rail July 2015A joint venture between WMG and Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council The proposed centre will be located at Castle Hill, Dudley. The estimated project costs are equivalent to ~£28m. The project has recently secured £4.5 m funding from the Black Country LEP, and is also in process of applying for £15 m funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It has support from the Association of Black Country Authorities. Very Light Rail

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